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Automotive, Machinery, White Goods, Metal and Mold

In addition to the applications that should be in ERP software, DinamoERP is capable of covering the needs of sub-industry companies and also providing their integration with the main industry. Currently, it provides service to Mold, Automotive, Machinery and White Goods Sub-Industry companies.

Automotive is one of the most dynamic sectors when it is considered as a business process in the Machinery Sub-Industry Sectors. Overwork of production, human values, maintenance, capacity plans, material requirements, quality control, all processes from order to supply need to be processed actively and instantaneously. Businesses should be able to manage all their processes in a planned and efficient manner as possible. In sectors where the concept of time is very important, there may be situations where delays as small as 1 second or 1 second are unacceptable. Therefore, the software to be used in production must also have up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology. An ERP software is needed to plan and control all processes and to monitor them. Especially Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Capacity Planning (CAP) are ERP modules that are needed significantly. With the ERP system, the error rates in the processes are tried to be minimized. By making production efficient, it is possible to increase the profit rate of the enterprise, and instant solutions can be brought to the problems that may occur thanks to ERP software.

The most important thing in the Metal and White Goods Sub-Industry sectors is to easily and accurately track when the semi-finished product or raw material was produced, by which operator, in which unit, when and under what conditions it was purchased from the supplier. Considering the movements of thousands of semi-finished products or raw materials; Almost all problems can be overcome after being on the right machine at the right time, in the right unit and with the right operator. It is easier to achieve success if the business processes are working correctly.

DinamoERP Mold started to make a name for itself in this sector with the Dinamo Mold module that it designed for the first time. This software is presented as Mold Production Planning and Costing Software. With the transition to Dinamoerp, companies have had the opportunity to use all other modules with the competencies of the Dinamo Mold module.

Take advantage of our experience and success in sub-industry companies with DinamoERP. We are with you with our special solutions.

Printing Packaging Label

DinamoERP provides user convenience and flexibility for the Packaging-Printing and Label industries. The main and main target; It is the use of the right products at the right time, with the right operation, and a production with a minimum error rate. Various technical information such as the structure of the products to be produced in the packaging and printing sector, color chart (all information about the color), printing type, printing direction should be followed in a planned and controlled manner from the sale, production to the supply.

DinamoERP is able to advance all processes in the most healthy and efficient way, with its own content and flexible structure, together with customer needs and requests suitable for your sector.

Cable Energy Industry

Turkey has a market share of approximately 3% in the world cable trade. Since the basic materials of the cable industry are copper and petroleum, the industry is directly affected by the stock market prices and is in search of innovative products. Due to the changing world order and depleted resources, the energy sector is gaining importance day by day. In the increasing competition in the Cable and Energy industry, the use of ERP software is inevitable if you want to grow and strengthen your position in the market. As United Software, we have been working with the cable industries for many years. We know the needs of the sector closely and offer solutions.

Take a step into the future with DinamoERP, which is completely local and customizable, and solidify your place in the sector.

Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery manufacturing companies do not work with a single production model, but with more than one production model. There may be products to be mass-produced as well as special-to-order products. It is possible to manage both at the same time in DinamoERP, whether you are doing mass production or working on order. With Feature Option, you don't need to define product tree for order-specific products every time. Whether you want to open your work orders according to the order or create them without connecting them to any order.

Production and downtime information (planned and unplanned downtimes), produced solid quantity, crippled or scrap values, notes about the realization of the operation can be transferred to the system with different screen designs. DynamoERP can show the most effective result in the shortest time, as it examines OEE, effective working time, production speed and good/defective values together. Another result that can be obtained is the productivity analysis of production operators. It can also be seen who will perform which work, in how long, and how, according to the planned value. With DinamoERP, serial production orders, their stages, and actual processing times can also be monitored.

Electric Electronic Computer

The wide product range of the Computer-Electricity-Electronics sectors continues to increase rapidly with the developing technology. It is of great importance for the sectors to be able to correctly position your products in the market. With DinamoERP, you can manage all your processes from supply to the end user and make your growth plans healthier by making all your analysis about your company. It is much easier to manage your data with the DinamoERP program, which wraps your company from end to end. With the CRM module, you can track and manage your in-house activities, customer relations and your competitors with a single program. You can make your product configurations much easier with the Feature Option, without the need to open an inventory card one by one for all variants of a single product. With the Maintenance Module, you can follow all the machines belonging to your company and the maintenance processes of all your belongings, and prevent possible problems before they occur. You can ensure company security and data security with business activities.

DynamoERP from procurement to product tree definition; With its advanced functional structure in all processes from order to after-sales service, it is with you whenever you need it.

Lighting Fixture

Lighting - Fixture sector is one of the sectors that we come across with the most innovative products today. It continues its development with the developing technology and architecture and continues to illuminate our world with its products that are renewed day by day. Whether you work from production to sales or from order to assembly, you can manage your data via DinamoERP in every area you need. Transferring the production plans shaped in line with customer demand to the production unit, the actions taken in production, the problems experienced during the production, the after-sales follow-up, service and assembly of the product can be managed much more easily with DinamoERP. By integrating with the programs you use, you can follow the processes more regularly and much faster. DinamoERP will provide added value to your company in terms of the sector, as it increases the competitive advantage in today's conditions, where the processes can be followed easily from anywhere at any time.

Kitchen Equipment Small Home Appliances

With the development of technology, ERP now takes place in every field. In order to maintain your place in the sector and take forward steps, it is necessary to be systematic within the company and to have the right data. Thanks to DinamoERP, data in all departments can be easily accessed and accurate data flow can be provided. It can meet the needs of all departments from production to after-sales service, from accounting to human values, and moreover, it can be customized according to the needs of your company. Regardless of mass production or custom-made production, you can easily plan production and follow all processes up to after-sales customer satisfaction.

Metal Rubber Glass Mold Manufacturing Industry

In order to increase the market share in the sector and to provide a competitive advantage, the use of ERP is becoming widespread in order to closely monitor the relations between the units in the factories and to make correct and effective decisions about the future of the company. With ERP programs, coordination between all units from production planning to supply chain, from quality to R&D can be ensured, instant access to up-to-date data is facilitated, and product information is easily accessible during the production phase of the products offered to the consumer. Companies that want to implement lean production in the markets where the lean production philosophy has started to become widespread also avoid wasting time, cost, people and quality thanks to these programs.

DinamoERP is an ERP program that has served the Mold sector since its establishment, with its experience and success in this sector.

The metal sector is one of the sectors with a wide range of producing metal parts of machinery equipment. DinamoERP has been making a name for itself for many years with its success in different companies it serves in this sector.

Glass and Rubber production is a sector that requires modern technology, large-scale investment and therefore significant financial resources. In addition, it is one of the sectors that acquires and uses the most advanced technologies on a world scale in the production of glass and chemicals. With the awareness of the competitive advantage that the application and development of these technologies will bring, DinamoERP responds to your needs.

Education Design Consultancy

Growing and developing Education, Design and Consultancy institutions also need to keep their data under control. With DinamoERP, information and projects belonging to teachers, students and all other personnel can be recorded securely. All processes, from training programs to events, can be carried out much easier and faster. Managing all data on the same program will provide much healthier and more accurate analysis. Data analysis can also be done automatically on the DinamoERP dashboards. For the security of the data, the immunity of the data can be ensured by making authorizations with the Business Activity module.

DinamoERP is always with you to stand out in the sector and to start walking more confidently to the future with a more technological infrastructure.

Defense Weapons Industry

Defense Industry plans to manufacture the needed modern weapons, tools and equipment in private or public institutions.

DynamoERP; It offers a project-oriented, end-to-end integrated structure for Defense Industry manufacturers.

It identifies modern weapons, tools and equipment, research and development, manufacture of prototypes, long-term orders and other financial and economic incentives. With its advanced project management control, it provides product lifecycle management throughout all production processes, while providing all the requirements of a complex production projects or engineered-to-order production model. In this way, you gain control over costs and increase in supply chain efficiency.

Chemical and Food Industry

From a sectoral perspective, the Food and Chemical Industry production department is one of the sectors where the most active work is carried out and which needs to be followed closely. With DinamoERP, effective and correct management of the logistics planning and stock control breakdowns of the workflow process, which starts from purchasing, in line with the demands coming from the planning, is provided in Supply Chain Management. It helps to produce effective solutions by identifying the constraints of the process. Thanks to these programs, it becomes much easier to facilitate the cooperation between purchasing and logistics, to prevent waste such as time, cost and quality, to effectively track the deadlines and return processes of raw materials used in production.

The transfer of production plans shaped in line with customer demand to the production unit, the creation of product demand forms, the actions taken in production, the problems experienced during production, production and maintenance plans and procedures can be easily followed through these programs.

Plastic Techs. Plastic Manufacturing Industry

Plastic Technologies and Plastic Manufacturing Industry sector is still among the sectors that make mass production today. All modules and processes such as shipment planning, stock management, material requirement planning, capacity planning, cost accounting, which are needed by companies belonging to the plastics industry, can be managed using the DinamoERP program. Thanks to DinamoERP, the entire flow can be completed in a planned, efficient and minimum error-free manner.

With its flexible structure, DinamoERP offers customers ease of use and solutions that can meet their needs as quickly as possible.

E-Commerce Retail

Today, with the development of technology, the e-commerce sector covers a large portion of the market share and this share is increasing day by day. The purchases of all products and services from A to Z are easily provided from e-Commerce. In this way, the retail industry is looking for an ERP that can actively monitor the production, sales and profits of sectors that can be consumed rapidly and whose production continues in series, and that can get healthy results.

Thanks to the flexibility and security of DinamoERP, the desired results can be reached instantly by fully meeting the customer's request. Thanks to DinamoERP, customers can both actively monitor and track productions, and keep records of their sales rates with the desired flexibility.

Fashion and Textile

Fashion and textile sectors are sectors where new products are added very often, product variety and product configurations are very high. DynamoERP minimizes your product trees with the feature option feature in sectors where product configurations are high, and you do not need to define product trees separately for each color and body of a product. DinamoERP not only offers a simpler and more systematic production management, but also customizes the customer communication you need with the CRM module.

Get ahead in your industry with DinamoERP, which has all the features you need for advanced company management.

Heating And Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems are one of the most important energy systems used today with the developing technology.

It needs an ERP program as it has usage areas in many sectors such as food, health and tourism. With DinamoERP, in addition to stock management, shipment planning, cost accounting, integration from production planning to supply chain, quality to R&D can be provided.

DinamoERP is able to advance all processes in a healthy and efficient manner with its content and flexible structure to meet the needs of the sectors.