Dinamo ERP+

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Dinamo ERP+

Consider an ERP solution that delivers systems that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per user at a cost/benefit ratio that other software vendors cannot match. This solution comes equipped with many functionalities and unique flexibility features.

Within DinamoERP, an accounting module in accordance with the SPK, VUK principles and international standards, a multi-currency finance system, a logistics setup that can easily solve the most complex shipping and storage applications, highly intelligent barcode schemes, a production planning shaped according to the operation of companies in professional standards, every move of your customer Each one of them has its own system such as CRM applications that can monitor, order system that can communicate online with the internet, multi-currency costing and cost accounting tailored to the needs of our country, finite capacity job sequencing, quality system, human values and personnel payroll, maintenance, defective product-device service, on-site service. There are modules that can be a stand-alone product. At the same time, there is a detailed authorization system, fixed reports as well as a reporting module where users can easily prepare complex reports. The software can be customized with company-specific macros. It can easily communicate with other software via the Com interface.

What other advantages does DinamoERP offer?

In addition to the first cost advantage of DinamoERP, the technical and functional capabilities provided by the software, and easy manageability features, DinamoERP is offered to its customers, unlike all other software, with a very special licensing model. In this licensing model, which is called All Inclusive, ie All Inclusive licensing, all modules of the software are made available for use, and more importantly, all future developments are delivered to our customers within the update agreement without any additional module purchases/charges. For instance; In this context, all of the works in the e-transformation process in our country (such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive) are delivered to all our customers within the update agreement without any charge. With this licensing model, our users with a fixed, predictable and budgetable ERP software maintenance cost; They meet all business software needs according to technological innovations, new needs arising from changes in commercial conditions and obligations arising from changes in legislation.

It is always with them at every moment of the companies they work with with their consultants and solution partners. It conveys the most innovative and up-to-date technological solutions to its customers.

Why should large-scale companies prefer DinamoERP?

Large-scale companies have their own software departments. However, as can be seen when looking at the examples in the world, unfortunately, it takes decades to develop an integrated ERP software, and it includes many costs and risks in itself. With an ERP software such as DinamoERP, in which their experience is reflected in the software, but also has unique customization possibilities, they can make all the necessary customizations in their companies and use much faster and solution-oriented adaptations.

Why should SMEs prefer DinamoERP?

SMEs are in a fierce competition just like global companies. It may not be a good decision in terms of time and cost for SMEs to establish a department responsible for following software technologies. For this reason, it will be more efficient for them to continue to concentrate on their own activities, to choose the right ERP software partner for them, and to adapt them primarily on issues with high cost/benefit ratio.

So, is DinamoERP proper for you?

All companies have their own way of doing business. However, you are probably not the only company operating in your industry. Don't worry, you are not the first to encounter problems in the world that force you to use software. You should not work with "patch solutions" to your problems, but with an ERP software that knows all the concepts in your sector and produces solutions with world standards and methods. Of course, your ERP software must be flexible in order to realize your customizations that can solve your specific business ways. Your ERP software should be equipped with world standards in that sector, be flexible enough to meet your detail needs, and be easy and economical to update. In this sense, Dinamo ERP is a business software equipped with world-standard methods, extremely flexible and functional, and unique in terms of ease of maintenance.

Particulars of DinamoERP

Customizable Structure

Every company has a unique working order. DinamoERP allows you to prepare screens, reports and form printouts specific to your company without restricting you in many areas. It offers you a special treat.

National and Affordable

DinamoERP, a product of Birlesik Yazilim, which was founded in Turkey in 1992, was developed by Turkish engineers and software developers. It is one of the ERP software with the highest Benefit/Cost ratio.

Feature Specification

With Dinamo ERP, features can be defined for products with Feature Option, without the need to define separate stock cards for different types of a product. In this way, product configurations can be created easily.